( Drawing of George Paulus by one of the greats, R. Crumb )

CHICAGOBLUESKING.COM is the only official source of information regarding the record collection of George Paulus. More details and site refinements coming soon.
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Nobody has been able to pick through the life long collection consisting of
RARE Blues / Pre War / Delta / Hillbilly / Gospel / Acetates / Rockabilly and so on.

The catalog is now available and ready for viewing or download. See links below.
At this time we are considering offers on the ENTIRE collection.
We were a bit delayed in getting this all up and running for reasons I’m sure anyone can understand. This is a once in a lifetime collection that took us a long time to catalog, among dealing with the grief of losing someone so unique and important to us. The website for this is pretty minimal but the collection should speak for itself. It's a legendary find.


Taking offers on the entire collection.
Updating list with grading information and collection undergoing appraisal.

After an amount of time (no date set yet) we will decide if the offer is great enough to warrant a sale of the entire collection at once. If it's not, we are already preparing for smaller lot sales and even individually selling and packing if it comes down to it. The whole family has been involved in helping George ship and pack his records for well over 10 years. We don't do web design by trade but we all source income from reselling antiques and rare objects. We are looking for serious offers, and we do know the rough value of these items as well as the high level of rarity and historical importance.

Items are being appraised for tax purposes soon.
After that point they can be sold if we meet an agreement with a buyer.
If an agreement is made prior to the full appraisal we can enter into a binding contract with the buyer to hold the entire lot for them. but for estate / tax purposes we must have them appraised before they physically leave storage.
we look forward to your offers. check back soon for more updates / pictures.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. These are not jukebox worn out records.
A 45+ year life long process of finding these records and trading before the days of ebay.
Here is your chance to become a major player in early 78's.

List is offline currently and undergoing revisions. It appears that something got moved around and caused some label names etc to be out of place in the excel sheet. This will be fixed soon as well as GRADING information on many of the records. Grading information will be done by John Tefteller, and appraisal will be added shortly after. This won't be an overnight process. We aren't rushing into offering something so substantial for sale just to get it out the door. :]
Hang in there and we will have an optimized version back as soon as we can.

To be added:
- Related memorabilia such as posters, paycheck stubs, photographs, lots of cool stuff.
- Grading information on some of the collection.
(if you know about the collector, you know this is all high end)
- Typo fixes in the list as they are noticed.
- Biography / History page for George Paulus



No current ETA on updated version. It's a lot of work and it will take some time.

Grading and appraisal is mainly being done by John Tefteller - http://www.tefteller.com/

- CONTACT / OFFERS - offers@chicagobluesking.com -
Estimated reply time will vary depending on the nature of inquiry.

Current ways to browse the record collection for sale *NOT TAKING OFFERS ON INDIVIDUAL RECORDS AT THIS TIME*

No current ETA on updated version. It's a lot of work and it will take some time.


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The legndary Son House - My Black Mama 78
This collection is full of TOP tier items, and EXTREMELY rare finds.

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